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Welcome to Fleur de Bleu Creations store, where French elegance intertwines with the rustic charm of equestrian aesthetics. Discover a curated small collection of furniture, home decor, and gifts that capture the essence of timeless sophistication.

Our carefully selected pieces harmoniously blend ornate European detailing with the rugged allure of equestrian elements, resulting in a unique and enchanting ambiance for your living spaces.  Each item is unique telling a story of refinement along with local original artists works of oils, watercolor, pottery, and bronze. Explore our store and infuse your surroundings with the beauty of French and equestrian allure.

107 East Main Street, Midway, Kentucky
Wednesday – Friday 11am to 5pm
Saturday 11am to 3pm

Interior Design, HOME decor & gifts


Jill Rudzik

Margie Bailey

Shelley Hunter

Fleur de Bleu Creations, LLC
107 East Main Street
Midway, Kentucky 40347


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